sound/map | sub_space

1. A space that is wholly
contained in another space,
or whose points or elements
are all in another space.
2. An improvisation structure
for an ensemble of dancers,
visual artists, and sound artists.
1. To cultivate material from
physical, sonic, and conceptual
spaces within a space.

concept and direction: william “bilwa” costa

hau3_100 grad festival, berlin,de_22/02/2013
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Performed by
Dancers: Stina Nilsson, My Grönholdt, Akemi Nagao, Raisa Kröger, Katharina Malong,
Signe Koefoed, Lydia Zechilius, Mireia Aragones, Marcela Donato, Irene Cortina Gonzalez,
Mariagiulia Serantoni
Visual artists/”tapers”: Aya Imamura, Anna-sofia Sysser, Elena Nesterova
Sound: William “Bilwa” Costa
with the kind support of tanzfabrik-berlin